Covid-19 Update

March 18, 2020

To our customers:

We, as a country, state, and community are facing new and unknown issues related to the COVID-19 virus that is spreading around the world

Our commitment to you is to continue to provide the best possible service during these trying times, while doing everything possible to protect our employees from exposure to this virus. 

The business office and service groups will continue to provide the best possible service.  The methods of interfacing with you are changing however. To that end the following changes in interfacing with you, the customer, are effective immediately.

The business office will continue to be staffed to handle your calls.  The office will be locked and customers will not have direct access to the service representatives.  Please call the office at 620-243-5531 with any billing or service related questions. 

If you wish to drop off a payment please use the drop box located near the main entrance.

If you are picking up equipment, please contact the business office to make arrangements that will protect you and our employees.

If you have a service issue requiring our technicians to enter your home, we will respond, however we may elect not to go into your residence if you or anyone in your household:

  • Has had a fever, coughing, breathing issues or “symptoms of the flu” in the past two weeks;
  • Has traveled out of the country in the past 30 days or been in contact with anyone that has; or
  • Has been exposed to anyone with the Coronavirus.


When talking with the service representative or the technician you will be asked about these three issues and we will respond according to your answers.  As always if this is an emergency situation, we will respond but will be taking additional precautionary measures to protect our employees.


We appreciate your consideration and understanding of these changes during these challenging times.


John R Ludenia

Vice President